Why Did Stalin Object To Free Elections In Eastern Europe Quizlet?

Why did Stalin wanted to control Eastern Europe?

Why did Stalin want control of Eastern Europe after World War II? Stalin determined that Germany would never be able to strike Russia again. To protect Russia, Stalin wanted a buffer zone in Eastern Europe but he wanted more.

Why did Stalin refuse free elections in Poland?

Stalin pledged to permit free elections in Poland, “ because the Russians had greatly sinned against Poland.” It was decided that Germany would undergo demilitarization and denazification and be split into four occupied zones: Soviet, British, French, and American zones.

What did Stalin want from Eastern Europe quizlet?

To prevent Russia being invaded from the West again Stalin was determined to over Eastern Europe so the west couldn’t break through. Before WW2 Eastern Europe was all independent countries governed by anti-communist leaders. If these countries were allowed to be independent the states would become anti-soviet.

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How did the Soviet Union lose control of Eastern Europe?

Gorbachev’s decision to loosen the Soviet yoke on the countries of Eastern Europe created an independent, democratic momentum that led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, and then the overthrow of Communist rule throughout Eastern Europe.

What was the Soviet Union doing in Eastern Europe quizlet?

1. The Soviet Union tightened its grip on the “liberated” nations of eastern Europe under Stalin and then refused to let go, as postwar recovery in eastern Europe proceeded along Soviet lines.

Who were the big 3 at Potsdam?

The Big Three— Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (replaced on July 26 by Prime Minister Clement Attlee), and U.S. President Harry Truman —met in Potsdam, Germany, from July 17 to August 2, 1945, to negotiate terms for the end of World War II.

Why did Soviet Union invade Poland?

The “reason” given was that Russia had to come to the aid of its “blood brothers,” the Ukrainians and Byelorussians, who were trapped in territory that had been illegally annexed by Poland. Now Poland was squeezed from West and East—trapped between two behemoths.

Why did Stalin want Poland after ww2?

Stalin wanted governments who were loyal and friendly to the Soviet Union, to act as a buffer zone against potential future German aggression. It was agreed Poland would be reorganized under a communist provisional government and free elections would be held at a later date.

Why did Stalin want Communist governments established in Eastern Europe quizlet?

What were Stalin’s motives in supporting Communist governments in Eastern Europe? Stalin wanted Eastern Europe as a buffer zone to protect the Soviet Union from an invasion on its western front. was a Chinese political and military leader who served as the leader of the Republic of China between 1928 and 1975.

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Who wanted free elections in Eastern Europe?

Stalin promised that Eastern Europeans would have free elections. Soviet Union joined 47 other countries in forming the United Nations (UN).

Why did Stalin create a buffer zone quizlet?

Why did Stalin want to create a buffer zone? 20 million Russians died during WW2, he wanted to make sure Russia was safe from invasion, he planned to take over eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, East Germany.

How did the Soviet Union dominate Eastern Europe?

The Soviet Union dominated Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War. After World War II, it formed the Warsaw Pact, a military alliance of European communist states meant to counter NATO. By the final weeks of the Second World War, Soviet troops had advanced westward, pushing the Nazi army back to Berlin.

How was Eastern Europe affected by the cold war?

Eastern Europe fell under the influence of the Soviet Union, and the region was separated from the West. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, all the Soviet Republics bordering Eastern Europe declared independence from Russia and united with the rest of Europe. Each country in the region was under Communist rule.

How would the Marshall Plan prevent the spread of communism in Europe?

By vigorously pursuing this policy, the United States might be able to contain communism within its current borders. To avoid antagonizing the Soviet Union, Marshall announced that the purpose of sending aid to Western Europe was completely humanitarian, and even offered aid to the communist states in the east.

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