Readers ask: Elections Are Where The Rubber Meets The Road. No One Has Chosen The Right Tires For The Course?

What does the phrase when the rubber meets the road mean?

“When/where the rubber hits/meets the road” refers to the point at which an abstract idea or plan is tested out in practice. For example: “The launch plan looks solid, but when the rubber hits the road it may still need some adjustments.

Where does rubber meet the road?

Idiom: ‘Where the rubber meets the road’ Meaning: Where the rubber meets the road is the most important point for something, the moment of truth. An athlete can train all day, but the race is where the rubber meets the road and they’ll know how good they really are.

What is the place where your tire meets the road called?

Just a few inches of your tires touch the road at any given time. It’s as if your car is up on its toes. Those few inches are called the “contact patch”.

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What is the origin of when the rubber meets the road?

The Origin Of ‘When The Rubber Hits The Road’ rubber! Yes, this phrase seems to be referencing the rubber wheels of a vehicle hitting, or making contact, with the road. Of note, John Boyd Dunlop is considered to be the first person to invent the rubber wheel in 1888.

What does keep the rubber side down mean?

“and the rubber side down” refers to the tires staying in contact with the road. Also heard as “keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down” referring to the greasy undercarriage of the vehicle. It has nothing to do with bedsheets, or hospitals.

Whats your take Meaning?

Idiom: ‘What’s your take on that?’ Meaning: This idiom is way of asking someone for their opinion and ideas.

What does the idiom drawing a blank mean?

Fail to find or remember something, as in He looks familiar but I’ve drawn a blank on his name. This expression alludes to drawing a lottery ticket with nothing on it (so one cannot win a prize). [

What is the most common cause of a front wheel skid?

Driving too fast for conditions causes most front-wheel skids. Other causes include lack of tread on the front tires and cargo loaded so not enough weight is on the front axle. In a front-wheel skid, the front end tends to go in a straight line regardless of how much you turn the steering wheel.

What is the minimum legal tread depth for a car tire?

What is the Minimum Tyre Tread Depth? Most countries have established a 1.6mm minimum tread depth requirement, which require drivers to replace a tyre when the tyre wears down to that depth.

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What does it mean if your tire wears out the center of its trend?

Tire tread wear in the center of the tread pattern tells you that the inflation patterns are too high. Too much pressure can cause the contact patch to shrink and the center of the tire to carry the entire load. Tire tread wear on the edges of a tire will typically indicate inflation pressures are lower than specified.

Where does the phrase hit the bricks come from?

The idiom hit the bricks has an interesting origin. It was a slang term used at the turn of the twentieth century by American trade unions to mean to go on strike. The idea is of someone walking up and down a brick street in front of a company, holding a picket sign.

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